Geofisica Misure s.n.c.

Geophysical surveys and monitoring of land and artifacts.


In the geognostic field the measures of geophysical parameters allow us to extend spatially the investigated data directly through perforations and ground drillings through which define the geometry of lithological and lithotechnical layers evaluating the thickness of the layers of coverage on heavy ground and more.

Seismic surveys, with the determination of the dynamic elastic character of the soil, through appropriate correlations with the lithotechnical context which is to be investigated, allow us to have appropriate information on the status of densification of loose soil, the consistency of cohesive soils and the state of fracturing of lithoid clusters. The definition of the profiles of stiffness of the subsoil (Vs30), through advanced techniques recently developed based on the analysis of the dispersion of the phase speed of the surface waves (MASW), in addition to being a valuable tool for the detection of geological low horizons, allow us to estimate the seismic response of the site, through the attribution of the response spectrum required by current legislation or by defining the analytic local response. The geoelectric measures, preferably in a multi-electrode configuration (tomography), give us important information on the lithological character of the soil and of the groundwater flow, particularly important for the study of the landslides systems.