Geofisica Misure s.n.c.

Geophysical surveys and monitoring of land and artifacts.

3D Laser Scanner

The 3D Laser Scanner represents the latest evolution of the laser distance meters. The equipment in possession of our company (Riegl LMS-420i) uses the technology of the time of flight (TOF) that consists in calculating the distance by measuring the time taken by the laser from the time it is issued by the instrument, on its return after reflection on the surface to be detected.

The model Riegl LMS-420i has a measurement range of distances extremely wide, allowing to detect surfaces to a minimum of 2 meters to about 800-1000 meters. The mesh of measurement can be extremely dense, with points spaced in order of centimeters (point clouds). Connected to the scanner and fully integrated, it is placed a professional digital camera which combines the individual scans to digital color images. This provide the possibility, in real time, to allocate every single point acquired from the scanner the actual color (RGB).

Also in post-processing phase it can be built textured surfaces, which allow to exploit the high resolution photographic images “smearing” the digital image on the point cloud acquired by the laser. Terrestrial-based surveys of so high detail and fast execution, make the Laser Scanner in our possession as an instrument extremely reliable for applications of various types, including:

  • surveying and architectural modelling, on buildings and sites of cultural and archaeological heritage;
  • survey and modelling of industrial sites;
  • detection and analysis of quarries to be used for the calculation of the extractable material.

Moreover, the possibility to operate in the post-processing with increasingly sophisticated algorithms, allows:

  • the calculation of geomechanical characteristics of the rock faces (analysis of the geometry of the discontinuities);
  • the monitoring of the landslides systems, with the possibility of integrating GPS measurements and total station;

the monitoring of the evolution of coastlines and river dynamics.