Geofisica Misure s.n.c.

Geophysical surveys and monitoring of land and artifacts.

Seismic Surveys

The seismic survey is one form of geophysical survey whose methods are based on the analysis of seismic disturbance that aims at measuring the earth’s geo-properties by means of physical principles such as the records of natural elastic disturbances (passive seismic) or specially generated disturbances (active seismic). The models developed allow to reconstruct the speed with which seismic waves propagate in the subsurface and to identify the discontinuity in the elastic properties which can be traced back to the reconstruction of the interested geological structures, defining the geometry of the landslides and estimating the state of fracturing of the rock masses, the state of conservation of the stone materials and other. For the definition of the seismic patterns, depending on the context to investigate, we make use of the following methods:

• Seismic Surface Refraction Survey classical and tomograpic;
• Seismic Hole (Down-Hole, Cross-Hole, Seismic Tomography);
• Surface Modelling, Integrated Surface Seismic and Seismic Hole;
• Seismic Reflection Survey at high and very high definition;
• Hybrid Seismic Survey Refraction / Reflection;
• Reconstruction of vertical profiles (Vs30) and two-dimensional sections of the S-wave speed, by the analysis of the dispersion of the phase speed of the Rayleig waves in active and passive (Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves – MASW);
• Micro seismic and sonic measures for the study of artifacts;
• Vibrations Monitoring;
• Analysis of the seismic behavior of the site executed through the seismological measurements and analytical modeling. (Analysis HVSR – Transfer Functions).