Geofisica Misure s.n.c.

Geophysical surveys and monitoring of land and artifacts.

Tools & Equipments


Refraction and Reflection Seismic Survey

  • Modular Seismograph, Geometrics Geode x2 = 48 channels, 24 bit, ultra-high resolution 20 kHz bandwidth (8 to 0.02 ms sampling), low distortion (0.0005%), low noise (0.2uV), stacking accuracy (1/32 of sample interval). expandable without limitations. Ultra-high dynamic (144 dB total dynamic range), with a band from 1.75 to 20.000 Hz; the minimum sampling of 20 microseconds allows the execution of surveys at high and very high definition.
  • Batteries of vertical geophones, with frequencies of 4.5 and 10 Hz Geospace, 14, 30 and 100 Hz Mark Products;
  • Battery horizontal geophones, (24), Geospace 10 Hz;
  • 3-D Time Lapse Surveys: 10 Hz, Dual Down-Hole System – Geotomographie.
  • Seismograph LENNARTZ (Mod. LE-3D/5S),  Ideal for seismic measures particularly for analysis H / V (Nakamura method); the frequency response, extremely stable from 0.2 up to more than 100 Hz, makes it the best marketing tool for analysis in the field of Seismic Survey.



  • SeisImage 2D seismic refraction and tomographic survey
  • Rayfract – Intelligent Resources seismic refraction and tomographic processing;
  • OPTIM SeisOpt Pro seismic tomographic modelling
  • WinSeis (Kansas Geological Survey): seismic reflection and tomographic survey
  • WinSurf (Kansas Geological Survey): processing of profiles Vs from surface waves (MASW).



  • Georesistivimeter ABEM Terrameter LS four channels of simultaneous acquisition, for measurements of resistivity, induced polarization and spontaneous potential, with internal switch system for the simultaneous management of 81 electrodes.
  • Multicolored Cables spaced at 5 and10 meters.
  • Cables for Electric Vertical Surveys spaced AB up to 2000 meters.



  • Laser Scanner Riegl 420i Measurement Range 2 – 1000 meters, Accuracy 5 mm; scan speed up to 12.000 point per second; connected to the scanner and fully integrated, it is placed a professional digital camera Nikon D200.
  • Software of post-processing RiscanPro for topographic and architectural modelling, texturing, monitoring and orthophotos.



  • Georadar GSSI SIR20, powerful, multi-channel (2) GPR data acquisition with scan speed up to 500 Hz.
  • Antennas GSSI – 200, 500 and 900 Mhz.
  • Processing Software RADAN



  • Multiple frequencies electromagnetic induction tool Geophex Ltd GEM2. Acquisitions up to 15 simultaneous frequencies. Output in ppm, electrical conductivity and magnetic susceptibility.



  • Magnetometer Geometrics G-858. Cesium Magnetometer, in single or gradiometer options (two sensors). Data Acquisitions Intervals from 0.1 sec to 1 hour. Sensibility 0.01 nT.





  • Digital Acquisition System Robertson Geologging for measurements up to 500 meters depth
  • Tools and probes for temperature measurements, natural range, accurate resistivity at 16″ and 64″, spontaneous potential, caliper, and sonic and visual inspections..
  • Processing and acquisition data Software Rg-Winlog (Robertson Geologging).



  • Professional mapping drone (UAV), SenseFly Ebee model, SenseFly modello eXom, capable of automated management of the flight and execution of Aerial photography survey through a preprogrammed flight plan. The drone, carries a camera RGB or an infrared camera.
  • Software of post-processing data for the creation of orthophotos, cloud points, DSM, DTM and isoispe.